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Design of mechanical parts KRP

Design of mechanical parts KRP

Our work consists in designing machinery and equipment in 2D and 3D CAD systems and prepare complete drawings. On the basis of which we are able to produce a prototype and then carry out testing.

  • Preparation of design drawings in CAD systems
  • Strength calculations of designed parts
  • Life Calculations of dynamically stressed parts
  • Preparation of manufacturing documentation

  • konštruktérske práce:

  • construction work for the automotive industry
  • design drives (gears, belt, chain transfer and friction)
  • design manufacturing and assembly plant
  • processing of documentation of spare parts for machinery
  • the working drawings into digital form
  • elaboration of technical documentation (diagrams, charts, technical description, operating instructions and maintenance, etc.)
  • Static and dynamic analysis (sizing of machinery parts in terms of static and fatigue strength, deformation calculations, etc.)

    KRP, s.r.o.
    KRP, s.r.o.
    KRP, s.r.o.
    KRP, s.r.o.